InfoCABLYS is a Canadian company specializing in customer management and billing software for telecommunications companies. Pro-Cable and Weblys are the main products of InfoCABLYS.

InfoCABLYS‘s mission is to ensure the success and growth of it’s customers by providing advanced customer management and billing solutions. Our solutions enable accurate and efficient billing and simplify strategic information management operations. They facilitate exploration of new markets and customer loyalty.

The InfoCABLYS team is comprised of experienced resources in the cable, telephony and software development fields. The founders of the company have been involved in the development of customer management and billing software since the mid 80’s.

The combination of our strategic alliances developed with several technology partners allow us to offer solutions perfectly adapted to the new possibilities offered by the convergence between cable television, high-speed Internet networks and telephony in the telecommunications sector.

InfoCABLYS serves many telecommunications companies, mainly in Europe, and offers a full range of professional support services in parallel to software development to help customers build the foundation for a more profitable operation.