Weblys – Web browser interface, Self-care

   Perfect addition to Pro-Cable

   Self ordering, Upsell, Cross sell

Pro-Cable – Proven, complete Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)

3-play, 4-play, international, customizable

Scalable, robust and more !

Coditel project

January 15, 2004

InfoCABLYS inc., the international provider of Pro-Cable, a customer and billing management software package, is pleased to announce that it has signed a license and technical assistance agreement with Altice One and its subsidiaries CODITEL S.A. Brussels and CODITEL S.A. Luxembourg. Pro-Cable was selected by Altice One to ensure integration of all the required functionalities to manage all operations of the many cable and Internet services offered by the company. CODITEL S.A. Brussels is an important operator based in Brussels with more than 170,000 subscribers, while CODITEL S.A. Luxembourg is important operator based in Luxembourg with over 45,000 subscribers.


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