Weblys – Web browser interface, Self-care

   Perfect addition to Pro-Cable

   Self ordering, Upsell, Cross sell

Pro-Cable – Proven, complete Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)

3-play, 4-play, international, customizable

Scalable, robust and more !

Pro-Cable EN


  • Advanced Internet functions (consumption, etc.)
  • Advanced functions to manage multiple dwelling units/tourist centers (building concept, etc.)
  • Advanced customer functions (business customers, consolidated customers and collectives, etc.)
  • Advanced reporting functions
  • Advanced discount and promotion functions
  • Advanced billing/collection functions
  • New and improved graphics (stressing performance)
  • Other state-of-the-art transparent functions and interfaces (voice response unit, “intelligent” document flow management, etc.)
  • Telephony and portability of local telephone numbers
  • Mobile virtual network operator services (MVNO) and ADSL technology
  • Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Datawarehouse

Address management

  • Specific features and geographical codes of the address
  • More than eleven territories or segments per address
  • Complete history of all subscribers and work orders for all addresses
  • Technical features and data on the network equipment
  • Creating an address for sectors that are outside the network
  • Moving to or from an address that is outside the network

Multiple residential unit management

  • Building definition and management
  • Administrator and owner management
  • Automatic recognition of the administrator and how his/her intervention impacts the billing process

Customer management

  • Several customized features
  • Two (2) separate client accounts per customer with different names, billing addresses and options, etc.
  • All information is stored in one database, which increases the performance and quality of care given by the customer service representatives
  • If a subscriber moves, all information about the customer is stored and transferred to the new address

Prospect management

  • Detailed profile of the prospect, several characteristics, customizable wording and codes
  • Marketing activities and their follow-up (actions, results)
  • User-friendly data query tools
  • When the prospect becomes a customer, all the marketing data stored is transferred to the customer file

Pro-Cable manages communications and activities carried out in tandem with your customers:

  • Contacts (actions, results)
  • Letters/labels
  • History of reported outages
  • History of previous addresses
  • Contracts
  • etc.

Pro-Cable manages workflow and scheduling:

  • Integrated work orders management
  • Integrated intervention planning tool (calendars)
  • Several types of calendars for different types of actions (installation, repair, etc.)
  • Several daily quotas (morning, daytime, evening, etc.)
  • Dispatcher management tools
  • Several task codes per work order
  • Automatic identification of the type of task when the work order is created (installation, disconnection, transfer, addition/removal, mandatory or optional work order)
  • Custom work order forms

Pro-Cable manages network devices and equipment:

  • Integrated architecture that manages the equipment when rented, sold or given to clients
  • Definition and control of each piece of equipment (serial number length and format)
  • Customized status codes that help to keep track of inventory movements (sent out or stored at the warehouse)
  • Detailed information on the equipment (date of purchase, number of repairs, special comments, etc.)
  • Movement history of each piece of equipment

Pro-Cable manages your customer’s services billing:

  • Billing simulation in real time and online possible for each account or billing production
  • Different customized forms for certain services (Pay Per View) or certain clients (multiple residential unit managers)
  • Storage of billing information with recall possibility spread out on a period of ten years
  • All accounts are reviewed in the billing cycle each time billing is initiated
  • Charges include pro-rata calculations
  • Integrated automatic search of products recorded beforehand (earned versus unearned revenue)

Pro-Cable manages the payments received from your customers:

  • The payment management module records payments and collections for the client accounts of your customers. Pro-Cable provides management of various payment methods:
    • Cash or cheque
    • Bar code reading
    • Wire transfers, pre-authorized debit payments
    • Credit or debit cards
  • Automatic search of post-dated cheques
  • Status of unpaid bills automatically adjusted upon receipt of a payment
  • Integrated processing of statements and accounting controls

Pro-Cable manages collection of your customer’s past due amounts:

  • Flexible, adaptable collection process
  • Recognition and automatic triggering of the collection process (due date, minimum balance, number of statements, etc.)
  • Different collection processes for rejected bank transactions (whether for financial or technical problems)
  • The collection process continues after disconnection (collection agencies)
  • Automatic transfer of balance into bad debt expenses
  • History of collection statuses in the customer’s file

Pro-Cable generates various lists and reports:

  • Set of standardized reports based on several selection criteria
  • User-friendly query tools
  • Integrated SQL-type query language (requires sufficient training)

Pro-Cable manages security and access control:

  • Assignment of specific roles and access rights to users (certain fields)
  • Integrated access controls
  • User profiles management by functional group