Weblys – Web browser interface, Self-care

   Perfect addition to Pro-Cable

   Self ordering, Upsell, Cross sell

Pro-Cable – Proven, complete Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)

3-play, 4-play, international, customizable

Scalable, robust and more !


The InfoCABLYS platform is created from a set of telecommunications and computer technologies. It is composed of modules to ensure its adaptability, scalability and performance, and is marketed under the name Pro-Cable and Weblys as its new simple-to-use, Web Interface. The international leadership shown by InfoCABLYS is the result of ongoing, significant investments in the innovation and creation of technologies adapted to the convergence of cable, high-speed Internet, IP telephony and mobile telephony.

By completely integrating the Pro-Cable platform into new Web technologies, InfoCABLYS bolstered its position as a leader in innovation and remains at the top of specialized software editors.

Pro-Cable’s different modules and Weblys help to manage information on customers, service pricing and billing, à-la-carte pricing, client accounts, materials, network equipment and equipment activation.

Pro-Cable manages more than five million service actions and producing over 25 million bills annually.

Pro-Cable: Solution for your Billing and subscribers management

Weblys: Web browser interface, perfect addition to Pro-Cable