Weblys – Web browser interface, Self-care

   Perfect addition to Pro-Cable

   Self ordering, Upsell, Cross sell

Pro-Cable – Proven, complete Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)

3-play, 4-play, international, customizable

Scalable, robust and more !


InfoCABLYS develops software for companies in the cable (Pay Per View television), high-speed Internet, cable or ISDN telephony, and cell phone sectors. InfoCABLYS has developed expertise to create efficient, reliable software programs specially designed for the telecommunications sector.

We specialize in the following technologies (non-exhaustive list):

Protocols: TCP/IP, telephony over Internet Protocol, Viaccess, WAP, X.25, addressable interfaces (Mediaguard, NagraVision, Merlin, Viaccess, Motorola (General Instrument), Cryptoworks, Scientific Atlanta, Electroline)

Relational: Oracle, DB/2, Microsoft SQL Server
MVDBMS (Multi-Value Data Base Management System): IBM UniVerse

Distributed architectures: DOT.NET and J2EE

Software packages: ACBIS, ACCPAC, Siebel, SAP, interactive voice recognition systems

Our unique expertise and computer project management know-how make InfoCABLYS an ideal partner for the development of telecommunications software. Our expertise partly comprises the technological platform Pro-Cable, the result of decades of research and development (R&D). This platform’s components can be used to reduce development costs and guarantee a high-quality final product. And now, with the addition of WEBLYS, a new Web interface, from first level user to outsource provider can easily work with it and even customers at home, can manage their subscriptions.