Weblys – Web browser interface, Self-care

   Perfect addition to Pro-Cable

   Self ordering, Upsell, Cross sell

Pro-Cable – Proven, complete Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)

3-play, 4-play, international, customizable

Scalable, robust and more !


InfoCABLYS is a Canadian company specialized in customer and billing management software for telecommunications companies.

Its mission is to ensure the success and growth of its clients by providing advanced customer and billing management solutions. These solutions implement accurate, efficient billing, simplify management of strategic information, help to explore new markets, and ensure customer loyalty.

The InfoCABLYS team consists of experienced experts from the cable, telephone and software development sectors. The company founders themselves helped develop customer and billing management software in the mid-1980s.

Thanks to our expertise and strategic alliances developed with a number of technological partners, we can offer perfectly adapted solutions to new opportunities through convergence between cable, high-speed Internet networks and telephony in the telecommunications sector.

InfoCABLYS provides services to many telecommunications companies, mainly  in Europe.  In addition to software development, InfoCABLYS offers a complete range of professional support services to helps its clients lay the foundation for a more profitable operation.