InfoCABLYS Technology

InfoCABLYS works in the development of software for the world of cable television (pay per view), high-speed Internet services, ISDN and cable telephony as well as mobile telephony. InfoCABLYS has expertise enabling it to develop high-performance and reliable software specially adapted to the telecommunications field.

Our expertise focuses on the following technologies:

Protocoles: TCP/IP, IP telephony, Viaccess, WAP, X.25, adressables interfaces (Mediaguard, NagraVision, Merlin, Viaccess, Motorola (General Instrument), Cryptoworks, Scientific Atlanta, Electroline)

Database: Relational : Oracle, DB/2, Microsoft SQL Server Multivaleurs SGBDMV (Multi-value database management system) : IBM UniVerse

Distributed architectures: DOT.NET and J2EE.

Software packages: ACBIS, ACCPAC, Siebel, SAP, IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition)

This unique expertise and our know-how in IT project management makes InfoCABLYS an ideal partner for the development of telecommunications software.

InfoCABLYS’s expertise is partly contained in it’s Pro-Cable technology platform, the result of decades of research and development (R & D). The components of this platform can be used to reduce development costs while ensuring high quality of the final product. The recent addition of  WEBLYS, Pro-Cable’s complementary tool for use via a web-based interface, greatly facilitates it’s use, both for first-level users, subcontractors and even the customer who can manage his subscription in the comfort of his home.