Projet Orne THD

June 11, 2019

InfoCABLYS inc. implante avec succès son logiciel de gestion de la clientèle et de facturation Pro-Cable et Weblys chez « Orne THD » en France. THD offre des services de télévision numérique, Internet et téléphonie à une partie de la vallée de l’Orne ainsi que la région de Meurthe-et-Moselle en France.

For Weblys implementation at Vialis (France), teams from both side of the Atlantic are posing for a picture with the project’s t-shirt !

Vialis, a Television, Internet et Telephony operator, located in Colmar, Alsace (France), selected Weblys,  developed by InfoCABLYS, to manage the newly created FTTH network.   Implementation of the new web-based tools will help to cope with the volume generated,  by automating tasks and giving customers the ability to manage their accounts and preferences. InfoCABLYS develops customer […]

InfoCABLYS will be at the INTX, May 16th-18th 2016 at the Boston convention & Exhibition center (booth 1221, Tek Stadium). Hosted by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

InfoCABLYS will be present at the Cable Show 2014, April 29 – May 1, 2014, Los Angeles Convention Center (Booth 2452). Hosted by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

InfoCABLYS will attend the Cable Congress Digital Capital in London, UK, march 5- 7 March 2013.

InfoCABLYS will attend CCTA show in Bermuda, January 22-24 2013. We will be presenting our new Web application Weblys, a perfect match with Pro-Cable for customer care through a web browser application. Come visit us!

InfoCABLYS annonces the activation of phase 1 project Weblys at Numéricable Europe (Belgium).

InfoCABLYS annonces the activation of MVNO (mobile phone) management tools at Numéricable Europe.

InfoCABLYS annonces the signature of an agreement with Cabovisão (Portugal) for installation of Weblys. Cabovisão already uses Pro-Cable and now, wants to use Weblys to manage their subscribers through its web interface.